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Conventional coffee has a bitter taste: the price we pay in the shop does not cover the real costs. Farmers, the environment and future generations are left holding the bag. This is exactly what the True Price changes: it is made up of the market price as well as ecological and social costs. These include, for example, soil and water contamination and the exploitation of farmers. In order to stop climate change and fight poverty effectively, both companies and consumers need to know and reduce their environmental and social footprint. Current sustainability initiatives are 'too patchy' for this: even coffees with Fairtrade and organic certificates can, for example, pollute the oceans in plastic packaging, emit above-average amounts of CO2 and promote climate change through monocultures. So far, consumers know next to nothing about all this! The majority of coffee production takes place in countries of the global South - and yet we in the global North dictate the price. We no longer want to perpetuate this exploitative system - and are setting a new sustainability standard with True Pricing. This is based on the needs of small farmers and regional conditions. Even if some things have already changed in terms of sustainability, we believe that there is still a lot that can be done: because in order to really change something and make coffee taste good again, we not only have to act sustainably and fairly, but also true.